My Terre Thaemlitz / Comatonse recordings mini-story

I remember back in '13 or so when me the Siberian outsider counter-cultcha boy was at uni furiously spending the scholarship muneh on Comatonse releases through Terre's website, I mistakenly got this double pack instead of a CD – DJ Sprinkles' «Where Dancefloors Stand Still».
Terre was kind enough to let things slide, I ended up buying the CD as well regardless. I still remember the feeling of bringing the thick cardboard packages with Japanese post stamps & hieroglyphs to my dorm room. One day he unearthed a long lost copy of revered K-SHE's remix of Morning Grow by Juzu from the closet, just for me, what were the chances? I used to buy plenty of wax, despite not having a record player, don't ask me why. He used to put some pleasant flavours on his Deeperama CDrs (anyone?). We would chat a bit back and forth via email. What a guy! Good times of the pain-in-the-ass-free trade between Russia and West (in this case East, heh).
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