Deadbeat & Martin Bakero – Sueños de la Joya

I think it's criminal there's no reviews for one of the best albums I've heard in a while. In one word: «charming», certainly. One for the quiet hours & lonesome introspective mornings when the first sunlight breaks through windows right on your face and you realise that life goes on no matter what, so you just seise the moment & take a sip of your espresso.
I'm a sucker for field recordings and here they sound reeeealy good. Seems like some sounds are borrowed and re-used from «Four Quarters Of Love And Modern Lash» and I'm all for this coherency. «Chamanita» is without any doubt a stellar exercise in designing a mysterious atmosphere. I just love the keboard sounds on «Nitro» and sax(?) on «Esperanza», – so lovely & non-chalant. Hispanic spoken word on «Mapa audible» sounds comforting & strangely captivating. All in all a serious headphone listening. Thank you Scott & Martin !!
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