«Nice» is not enough

When it comes to the things I do have a say in – be it job or relationships or even cafes I visit – «nice» is not enough, I chose compatible options. Sympathy or first impression or even having sweet mutual past experiences are ok, but if we’re not compatible at this very moment, meaning, sharing the same values and principles, with, of course, a reasonable amount of compromise (any relationship is a compromise) – it’s all gonna eventually end up in us being irritated over minute things and breaking up with a bang or even more likely simply ghosting.

If I’m not 85% sure about doing something or meeting someone, I don’t do it. Why bother second-guessing and wasting my life on people’s bullshit, especially when the majority of them seems to have a BPD (borderline personality disorder) or bipolar. You know how to detect that? People with BPD don’t care whether you like ‘em or hate. They just crave attention. I don’t say I myself am a certified enlightened superman and as a male don’t have the issues such as a mother figure syndrome or the need of female gratification (these days it’s sadly becoming a burden), still I’m aware of it and working on it.

Most of the people however are OK floating on the «nice» level of their lives and relationships, the music they consume, the food they eat, and so on. They stick to stability and familiarity above everything else – even if it means being stuck in a stinky swamp for the rest of your damn life. And again I am no exception to craving stability and familiarity especially approaching my 30s, however I do like me some occasional walks in the Sun and changing the swamp from time to time. He he, I think I sound like an old grumpy Shrek.

I chose compatible options whenever they’re available. And even if they’re not I learn to not say «yes» when I can’t find enough reasons for a «no». When the game is rigged and the options are extremely limited, the only way to win the game is to play your own. I close the door but leave it unlocked.
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