The biggest lesson

Perhaps the biggest lesson of my life which they never talk about in schools (schools are here for killing the ability to ask questions and remain curious) is that it’s absolutely wonderful and precious to think outside the box, and if your opinion or gut feeling isn't welcomed and shared by others it doesn’t mean that you’re wrong and they’re right. In this pussified kali yug world, the more like buttons are hit, the more legitimate is the news to the public.

Matter of fact, most of the time people are really, really fuckin' stupid. And especially they love bathing in their stupudity collectively. Thus they evade holding accountability for their own personal experience and stupidness, hiding behind the 'objective facts' by the Holy Science and other institutions. When someone says 'well that's just your subjective opinion man' I then calculate it’s very likely I won’t spend much time with this person, because he doesn’t respect neither mine experience nor his own (this is always mutual). What are you other than a walking breathing subjective experience anyway?

Not that being smart or being right is more important than being happy. But the thing is, sadly, lots (if not the majority) of people are both stupid and miserable. The inevitable outcome of leading a tamasic lifestyle. (Not that tamas equals evil or bad. It’s all about your choice. It seems that making a choice is a struggle for most. Check the Mercury condition in your chart to analyse that ability).

And not that I want to care about all this anyways. No matter what I think or you think or I do or you do – the world keeps turning. And I'm heading right to the horizon holding my film camera making my own movie. And it’s been an absolute blast so far!
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