A note on Laurent Garnier's «Reviens La Nuit»

I haven't listened to the whole thing yet (except for the mindblowing «Reviens La Nuit»), but boy I am glad that all the traxx are longer than 6 mins!!! You can call me an old elitist fart whatever you want but I can't help but like my sonic journeys EXTENDED.

On a side note, I was wondering why «Reviens La Nuit» is that long... and then as an LG nerd I remembered him playing a cool track called «The DJ» by DJ Hell in his BBC Essential mix in which P Diddy goes on a hilarious rant about «hitting 'em with 13-14 minute versions of a track, you gotta hit 'em with the shit where they marinade», сurrent DJs afraid to play «15-20 minute versions of a muthafuckin' record» for «the two mf's that understand it», and how «you can't even get into your thang on a 4 minute version». I always vibe to that track like crazy!
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