The power of an unrealized idea

I feel happier and more content not because my ideas are better or more unique or more artsy than others’, but because I accomplished some of them, because I feel the power to manifest the ideas in reality. This equation is quite proportional. Today I got the exact reason why I’ve been feeling down lately. Hell, I’ve been feeling like that for a very long time… Why? Because I’ve dragged finishing the stuff I knew I should’ve finished earlier as long as possible and then some.

As a 12th house Moon & highly sensitive person very much attuned to the cosmic info field, I feel bombarded by the myriad of ideas every minute. The imagination power is out of control. Not every idea, interaction or impression is worth my attention and worth occupying my mind’s storage. And as we know, the mind loves spinning fantasies like a hamster wheel, and storing rotten concepts & ideas not much unlike a giant thought dump. The mind knows no difference between an actual doing, a realised idea, and a mere concept. Lest we forget that.
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