the HSD Trip

DJ mix [Ableton], field recordings, graphic design

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A DJ mix seems like kind of a forgotten art form nowadays but for me it has always been a major source of inspiration and new sounds and I have always respected people who can do it right. I'm proudly and humbly presenting here my attempt in this field and first major work in audio production.
As with any creative tasks I guess, this dj mix took lots of directions before it finally became an ultimate sonic trip around the world on a hot summer day, from the very morning till dusk. This mix turned to be a labour of love, blood, sweat and tears and it really took a lot from me. Feeling a little jaded but content and really looking forward to the future and curious about what will my romance with Sound evolve into.
Thank you all the featured artists, Djrum and Anatolian Rock Revival Project and early mornings of this wonderful summer for inspiration.
Hope you'll enjoy the sonic ride! Love xx

Freshly baked sonic exploration bending time, cultural boundaries, copyrights & listener’s ears • flavoured with forgotten jams and future YouTube classics including The Guitaraculas, Astrud Gilberto, MC Xande e MC Cabeça, Lucio Battisti, Group Bombino...  more
released August 8, 2017

Conceived and mixed, sonic research, graphic design • vzpolanski

• This mix is intended as an internet podcast, not a studio mix. Therefore, and due to the nature of some audio (found samples and field recordings), the overall max quality is mostly 320 kpbs, hope you understand that. That being said, please do not bother downloading a wav/flac version and go for the 320 kbps .mp3 instead.

• Sorry for splitting the audio into two parts guys but that's how Bandcamp works; if you'd like to get a full audio file + .cue file just message me!

• If you'd like to pre-listen to what you're getting here you may want to visit our page on Mixcloud :)

Hope you'll enjoy the sonic ride! Love xx

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